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What is Rogue Anti-Spyware?

Today's Date: Tuesday September 23, 2014

It is fake security software -- also known as Rogue Anti-Spyware. This is not a legitimate security program. It is a destructive computer infection that is part of a multi-million dollar scam industry. Typical methods of infection are unsavory websites, free downloads, and picture browsing.

Because it has an adverse affect on computers many people may refer to rogue anti-spyware as a virus.

Technically it can be classified as spyware, malware, and a trojan because it shares properties of all three.

Spyware - is software that automatically installs and "spies" on what computer users are doing.

Malware - is software that can damage and disable computer systems.

Trojan - is bad program that use suspect means to get users to download them.

Rogue Anti-Spyware is capable of all of this.

Can Rogue Anti-Spyware Be Removed?

In most every case yes it can. However, there is no simple "one-size-fits-all" software removal option. Infections vary in severity and affect individual computers differently. Several factors determine how easy or hard it is to remove:

  • The variant affecting your computer.
  • Which operating system you are running.
  • How much control it has over your computer.
  • How much PC knowledge and expertise you possess.

Rogue Anti-Spyware Removal Methods:

  • Software -- No spyware removal software works 100% of the time for everyone and every computer. If someone told you differently they lied. That does not mean this option should be overlooked.

    There are a few great removal programs with very high success rates and highly respected reputations. Which means with one of these you can most likely rip this infection off your computer with very little effort.

  • Technician -- This is where a technician will manually remove the infection from your computer. He/She will either do it themselves or guide you through doing it. It can be done by phone, internet, or in house. This method has the highest success rate. It is also the most expensive.

  • Manual -- This is the most difficult, the most dangerous, and requires the most computer know how. This involves you combing through important computer files and folders and manually deleting the infection and all its parts.

    This will also involve changes to Windows registry. One slip up or wrong deletion could change or completely kill your computers function.

Rogue Anti-Spyware Removal Instructions:

Click below to match up your symptoms with appropriate removal options. The whole process takes only seconds.

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 Spyware Help Line

For One on One Help Removing Spyware.

Call: 1-866-463-1454 9:00 am - 11:00pm EST

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The Seven Types of Rogue Spyware Infections

Success Chance*
Resistant to removal
This is the most typical type of infection. Most Anti-virus/Anti-spyware programs won't remove the infection.
1 out 5
Can't Download
The first act of defense for malware is to find a way to block downloading. Typically this is done by exploiting the user's browser.
2 out 5
Can't Install
The biggest threat to rogue spyware's survival is programs designed to rip it out. So the infection recognizes and tries to block certain known programs from installing and running.
2 out 5
Can't Run
Rogue Anti-Spyware infections are designed to see executable (.exe) files as a threat, so they attempt to block known .exe's from initializing (making helpful security programs useless).
3 out 5
Can't Get Online
Spyware has changed the user's proxy or DNS (domain name server) configurations to make it appear they don't have internet access, but in fact they do. Reconfiguring these settings establishes internet access.
3 out 5
PC is Locked-Up
Desktop appears to be "frozen" with no access to files and folders, programs, or the internet.
4 out 5
Doesn't Boot Up
This situation is not the goal of the infection or its intended purpose. Normally occurs when users attempt manually removing the infection without proper skill or guidance from a professional.
5 out 5
Discover Rogue Anti-Spyware Removal Options Here!

Rogue Adviser Application Tutorials

Many of these tutorials are interactive. They were created based on issues users were having getting their pc into workable condition either before, during, or after a rogue spyware infection. If you have an idea for a tutorial you’d like to see please let us know. Helpful comments and feedback are much appreciated.

important: The following tutorials are currently are being updated:

Rogue Adviser Ebook Guides:

Users looking to manually remove rogue anti-spyware will find these helpful. They are very technical and deal with making serious changes to your computer. If done wrong manual removal could render your pc not functional. These e-book guides should not be used by individuals with little or no computer knowledge.

Recommended Forums for Spyware Help:

There are many forums filled with experts that will help with computer problems free of charge. Be advised forum helpers generally speak in a technical nature – which can be hard to understand for the average user. Since forums are flooded with requests they enforce strict rules to keep order. So read over forums’ posting rules thoroughly. Expect to wait 3 – 7 days for help (at the very least). Forums are a busy place.

One forum found to be very helpful (but very strict) is Bleepingcomputers.

Rescue CDs

So how do you remove a computer virus when it doesn't boot? Thankfully, several free programs have been created do this very thing. They are known as "rescue CDs". Once downloaded and burned to CD-Rom a rescue CD can be taken to any computer. I've listed the one I like best. Before you get started, please read Removing Viruses from a PC That Won't Boot.

Rogue Anti-Spyware Removal Programs:

All listed programs have free and upgrade versions (except Spybot S & D). The upgraded (paid) versions generally have added protection and functionality, but most free versions work great on their own. Depending on your situation you may want to try the free version first. If the free version helps, consider buying the upgraded version because it helps keep the program (and sites like this) updated and helpful. It also helps keep it free for those who can’t buy it, and lets the makers know they have an excellent product.

Professional Removal Utilities:

Not too many pros leave the house without some of the tools listed below. In the hands of a professional each packs a powerful punch.

Important: these are not standalone spyware removal applications. If you are considering forum help most likely you will use at least one of them. None of these tools should be used without professional assistance.


Malware is designed to take over as many system components as possible by exploiting vulnerabilities. Then it disappears, cloaking (rootkits) itself from detection. If fully in charge with a new variant, malware is nearly impossible to detect. Even if you manage to download, install, or run a legitimate anti-spyware program to attempt removal, it most likely will not help.

Malware often starts with the Operating System (OS), so we would have to stop the Operating System to stop the malware. When an Operating System is off, malwares’ ability to cloak is turned off leaving it exposed. Then it can be detected and removed by Anti-Spyware.

Alternate Operating System Scanner (AOSS) detects and disables malware before the Operating System is loaded. Then a quality removal utility can be used to clean it up.

Note: AOSS is not a removal application so you will need one to complete the job. For a list of good ones scroll up and check out the Rogue Anti-Spyware Removal Programs.

80,972 KB

Recommended Browser for Safer Online Viewing:

Internet Explorer (IE) used to be the most widely used browser. The easiest way to get malware onto your computer was to find and exploit weaknesses in IE’s operation. That’s exactly what the makers of Rogue Anti-Spyware (malware) did. Currently IE is getting better at blocking drive by downloads, but you have to update it frequently to take advantage of the newest protections.

Two alternate browsers are listed below (Firefox and Chrome). Both are free and have some really cool abilities and options, but the main reason they are listed is because they are less vulnerable to malware infections. Currently these are much safer browsers for Internet surfing.

Note: If you prefer IE make sure to update it whenever updates are available.

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